When illness hits your family, you need to see a doctor today! That’s why Callingwood Crossing accepts walk in patients, to put your family on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. When possible it is the best to book your appointment in advance as this helps to avoid long wait times.

Our family physicians are able to perform minor surgeries right in our clinic, for such issues as abscesses, ingrown toenails, warts, sebaceous cysts, lipomas and early skin cancers. They also do skin biopsies to screen for diseases.

Our Physicians provide professional, knowledgeable care and screening for men’s specific concerns. Including annual comprehensive exams, screening for prostate cancer and lifestyle health advice. Staying active, smoking cessation and weight control all help to prevent cardiovascular disease. This is the top health priority for most men as they age along with concerns about sexual health.

Our physicians are knowledgeable in diagnosing depressive disorders and mental health concerns. They offer our patients empathetic, in-tune counselling, medications management, mental status exams, psychiatric referrals and other services.

The physicians at Callingwood Crossing are connected to a large network of specialists, covering virtually every area of medicine, from oncology to obstetrics, internal medicine to cardiology, pediatrics to geriatrics.

We offer onsite treatment of warts. You doctor will evaluate you and recommend the best treatment for you. This might include Liquid Nitrogen therapy, cauterizing or removing them surgically.

If you need a physical exam for your driver’s licence or insurance, we would be happy to help you. Ask about family history screenings to assess your risk factors for certain diseases. We can also do ECGs, spirometry, urinalysis, pap smears and prostate exams.

Our physicians offer discreet, respectful treatment of women’s reproductive and sexual health issues, including annual PAP tests, contraceptive management and weight management. In consultation with specialists and a nearby imaging centre, we help arrange screenings for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and other cancers.

Callingwood Crossing’s physicians take a collaborative, comprehensive and holistic approach to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment for our senior patients. We can help with home care referrals, gait and fall risk assessments, screening for diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Our clinic offers a wide range of Third Party Services. This includes such things WCB Claims, Drivers Medicals, Insurance, Disability services and a lot more. Please see our page for a more comprehensive list of services.

Book a appointment with one of our physicians to see our onsite wound management specialist. Oscar is a Licensed Practical Nurse who is specially trained for both acute injuries, post-operative care and chronic conditions such as pressure ulcers and diabetes. Ask about individualized treatment plans and referrals.

Callingwood Crossing offers your annual flu shot and Pneumonia vaccines (Prevnar & Pneumovax) are also available. Other injections available are Twinrix (Hep A & B) Tetanus/Diptheria (shots and screening), Cortisone, Vitamin B12 and we can set you up with a schedule to administer your allergy shot.